What's this?

This is my personal site, and a tool for me to learn web development when I feel like doing so. This front page is all there is for now, but maybe more will be added later.

This site is proudly hosted on a Raspberry Pi somewhere in the back of a closet.

Who are you?

I am Magne Lauritzen. Internet enthusiast, dark mode fan, creator of many half-cooked ideas rarely executed. Phycisist by education, software developer by necessity. Enjoyer of all things tech. In need of an electronics lab.

Where are you?

Twitter, where I argue with strangers on the Internet
Github, where I dump my code
LinkedIn, where I give obligatory likes to my employers posts

Bag of projects

@RegnBergen : A twitter bot that tells you if it's raining in Bergen today.
Mathboard : A side keyboard to simplify writing equations

Obligatory cat

(Hit Ctrl+F5 to get a fresh new cat) A random cat thanks to www.cataas.com

Thank you for visiting :)